Bruxelles obustavlja uvođenje 5G tehnologije

neka Hrvati budu pokusni kunici


“Građani Bruxelles-a i okolice neće biti pokusni kunići čije će se zdravlje prodavati za profit teleoperatera” – ministrica Céline Fremault koja je odgovorna za kvalitetu života, okoliš i energetiku.

I dok u Hrvatskoj, u potpunoj tajnosti, posljednjih mjeseci domaći teleoperateri HT, A1 i Tele2 zajednički grade potrebnu infrastrukturu za uvođenje 5G tehnologije, što je projekt vrijedan preko milijardu eura, Bruxelles obustavlja uvođenje 5G tehnologije zbog opravdanog straha od posljedica na zdravlje svojih građana.

Sve je zapčelo međunarodnim apelom znanstvenika i liječnika da se obustavi uvođenje 5G tehnologije, dok se ne završe ključna znanstvena istraživanja o posljedicama zračenja na zdravlje čovjeka. 

Apel je upućen UN-u, Svjetskoj zdravstvenoj organizaciji, Vijeću Europe i vladama svih zemalja, te sadrži bazu od 10 000 znanstvenih radova i upozorenje 215 znanstvenika iz 41 zemlje. 


Bruxelles je odlučio poslušati znanstvenike i obustaviti uvođenje teknologije za koju je i Svjetska zdravstvena organizacija potvrdila da je potencijalno kancerogena.

Hrvatska vlada je strateškim dokumentima i izmjenama zakona omogućila da teleoperateri u Hrvatskoj užurbano i bez puno prepreka na mala vrata uvedu 5G tehnologiju, kao nadogradnju na sustav “divlje” i nezakonito postavljenih baznih stanica. 

Trebamo li biti sretni i ponosni? Prva smo zemlja u svijetu koja će imati potpunu pokrivenost 5G tehnologijom, a naši građani će biti prvi pokusni kunići koji su potpuno izloženi zračenju koje je više nego dvostruko veće od dosadašnjeg.

U Hrvatskoj, 5G tehnologiju možemo očekivati od lipnja ove godine.

(Podijeli objavu, jer mediji neće prenijeti ove informacije.)…/…




Great news. A Belgian government minister has announced that Brussels is halting its 5G plans due to health effects.

The statement was made by Céline Fremault, the Minister of the Government of the Brussels-Capital Region, responsible for Housing, Quality of Life, Environment and Energy. From an interview last Friday, with L’Echo:

“I cannot welcome such technology if the radiation standards, which must protect the citizen, are not respected, 5G or not. The people of Brussels are not guinea pigs whose health I can sell at a profit. We cannot leave anything to doubt.”

– Céline Fremault, Minister of the Government (Brussels-Captial Region), responsible for Housing, Quality of Life, Environment and Energy

Ms. Fremault accurately identified that a 5G pilot project is not compatible with Belgian radiation safety standards (9 V/m, or 95 mW/m2 according to this online converter), and stated that she does not intend to make an exception. (In the Building Biology guidelines, the threshold for extreme concern is 1 mW/m2. However, many government agencies still only consider thermal effects, instead of the cumulative body of thousands of peer-reviewed scientific studies.)

Perhaps with Brussels heading up the European Union, and with one of the two major 5G appeals being addressed to the EU, officials there are better informed and motivated to protect themselves.

May support increase for Ms. Fremault and all officials who are hearing the call to sanity and prioritizing the people over the technocratic oligarchy.

2-MINUTE ACTION: To send a brief note of support to Ms. Fremault, go here; and to Brussels city councilors, go here. Encourage them of the importance to keep this ban permanent, despite industry’s forthcoming pressure.

The 5G Situation in Summary

There is almost no question that a 5G-world would place us all under an unprecedented level of surveillance and control; granting unheard-of powers to soulless corporate algorithms.

That should be enough to permanently delete the agenda right there, filed under “useful technology gone bad.”

Though perhaps an even bigger question for our time is: does 5G pose a major threat to all biological life? The independent evidence overwhelmingly indicates that it does.

That is, unless you ask wireless industry sources, who own the FCC and who recently put out this CNBC propaganda/commercial in a thinly-veiled attempt to quash pushback.

The talking heads of the wireless industry even brashly admit — when forced, in a US senate hearing — that they have not done any safety studies… and they don’t plan to.

The fact is, hundreds of scientists are trying everything to sound the alarm.

One such voice, Dr. Martin Pall, the WSU Professor Emeritus whose research actually lays out the mechanism of how wireless radiation causes harm in our cells, calls 5G “the stupidest idea in the history of the world.”

However, within the corporatized halls of government, there is a well-worn pattern of voices of reason being drowned out by the frothed frenzy of technocratic corporations, who envision 5G as an unprecedented economic opportunity for the full-on commercial exploitation of reality.

But 5G pushback is starting to get viral. The compilation of truth assembled in videos on 5G like this one provides a much-needed reality-check on the shocking state of greed and depravation among the agenda-pushers in our world.

While it may sound stark, after observing this for a long while, to me it honestly now appears that those pushing this agenda are stuck in a type of hive-mind syndrome, so frenzied with dollar-signs and “us-versus-them” progress-obsessions that they are in a mode incapable of self-corrective thought. Or at the very least, incapable of seeing where all of this is obviously heading — for them and their kids, too.

When the industry sheep are being presented with an avalanche of scientific evidence for a catastrophe-in-the-making, and yet they refuse to listen and instead continue to tow the profit-pushing line, what becomes visible is the shadow-expression of utter disdain for life. That may sound harsh, but I encourage you to consider this deeply.

Perhaps it’s the global, unconscious ‘death wish’ that is at the core of the 5G push. Perhaps this is also at the core of the desire to darkly exit the human condition via AI and transhumanism. Apparently this thought-form sees its escape and salvation through technology, instead of through humanity and/or our connection with divinity.

In any case, to any sane human with normal values, the situation is indeed bewildering. Though once we get over the distress, we are called into a kind of soul-led response. Perhaps it’s first a resolve to be sovereign in our thoughts, and to be steward of our mind. Then, inspiration and true Connectedness come when we become involved in manifesting the bigger solution — the choice of a positive future.

On this path, our root challenge is to remember: the power in our individual reality is truly within each of us, because who we are is not limited to the realms of duality and separation that we experience here.

If you’re reading this, be welcomed into the humanity protector’s club

Where You Live: The Pushback Against 5G is Going Viral

While Brussels becomes the first major international city to block 5G, dozens of local governments have passed legislation to prevent or restrict 5G rollouts due to health effects. Environmental Health Trust lists legislation from 21 local governments in the USA.

And on March 13, the Portland (OR) city council demanded that the FCC update its research on the health and environmental impacts of 5G.

Websites such as EMF Safety and My Street, My Choice provides guidelines for how to put the brakes on 5G where you live.

This industry-promoted summary of state-by-state 5G legislative actions is also useful, and gives an insight into their modus operandi.

Below is a partial list of resources where you can learn more and get involved. We applaud everyone out there who is taking the reins and leading from their heart.

Brussels story – sources:

Scientific Evidence on 5G Harm

Grassroots Communities & Organizations

Note: Several of the organizations listed below are still promoting actions limited to contacting your elected representatives and pleading for help. With that being said, there is a resounding increase in awareness that a firmer response is now required.

“UN Staff Member: 5G Is War on Humanity” (6 mins, 2019)
Documents the UN Secretary General being notified of harm from 5G and wireless proliferation.


Uvođenje 5G tehnologije od velikog je značaja za Republiku Hrvatsku, moglo se čuti na prvom “5G danu” u organizaciji HAKOM-a. Ono predstavlja iznimni inovacijski potencijal i priliku hrvatskim tvrtkama za razvoj 5G aplikacija i produkata koji mogu postati konkurentni izvozni proizvodi, a HAKOM će na vrijeme osigurati spektar za razvoj 5G mreža. Unutar 5G mreža biti će implementirana nova tehnička rješenja od kojih prvenstveno treba izdvojiti SDN (Software Defined Networking) i NFV (Network Function Virtualization), kao rješenja koja će omogućiti virtualizaciju mrežne arhitekture tj. stvaranja više virtualnih mreža na jedinstvenoj fizičkoj infrastrukturi. Virtualne mreže moći će se prilagoditi različitim potrebama u ovisnosti o tipu usluge, korisnika ili samog operatora. Primjerice 5G mreža će istodobno moći zadovoljiti različite zahtjeve potrebne za autonomnu vožnju (nisko kašnjenje i visoka pouzdanost) i nove medijske servise (velika propusnost). Radi svega navedenog 5G predstavlja platformu prikladnu za industrijsku komunikaciju koja će omogućiti nove aplikacije i poslovne modele za različite vertikalne industrije kao što su autonomna vozila, industrijska proizvodnja (industrija 4.0) i poljoprivreda, energetski sektor, e-zdravstvo, pametni gradovi, mediji ili javna sigurnost.



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